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New Pledge Level Added To DreadBall Kickstarter

The original Kickstarter for DreadBall was one of the first crowdfunding campaigns I've been a part of (and I've only been a part of 4, total). It was a pretty exciting thing, with lots of stretch goals getting me lots of extra parts and pieces. I also did add-ons for a few of the extras like Keepers. So, at home, I've got a fairly decent-sized collection of DreadBall bits. I know I'm not the only one like this. But, it seemed like if I wanted to get in on the new edition, I'd need to repeat a bunch of my old purchases. Not so anymore. Mantic has a new pledge level for us DreadBall veterans. They've also gone into more detail about what's changed in this new edition.

Veteran Pledge

This level gets you the rulebook as well as the team book. You also get new tokens, a new card deck, and a new referee-bot. The books you get in both softcover as well as digital versions.

As for the updates to the rules, Mantic's post talks about making sure that teams are well-balanced. Over the course of the previous several seasons, some teams were showing to be stronger than others. That's going to be fixed. In terms of players on the field, Jacks are getting a bit of a boost, being able to make a full Run when they take other actions, giving them some more versatility on the field. Also, Keeper is becoming an optional upgrade, as opposed to something you might roll on your advancement chart. There's also loosened restrictions on MVPs being taken on your team. All-in-all, making the game more accessible and balanced for everyone.

Still 12 days to go if you'd like to jump into this campaign.