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Warlord Games New Releases and Updates

Warlord Games has a plethora of updates of their Bolt Action, Zulu and Hail Caeser lines:

From their website:
First, Spartan Hoplites were respected and feared throughout Greece, and it was long thought that no land power could stand against them. Lacedaemon, with Sparta as its capital, stood firm against the imperial ambitions of the Athenians.

The Classical period saw the height of Sparta’s power as well as its eventual downfall at the hands of the Thebans. This box allows you to build 40 Spartan Hoplites, wearing their distinctive Pilos helmets, long hair and characteristic beards. Also included is a sheet of waterside transfers with a selection of uniform lambda for the Hoplites’ shields, and two sprues of arrows to further decorate your shields and bases.

Now march on Athens and crush their oppressive democracy!

Second, The hoplite phalanx was one of the most formidable fighting formations of the ancient world, enabling the Greeks to dominate the battlefields of their homelands and much of the Near East for hundreds of years.

Each hoplite was equipped with the best armour and equipment he could afford, which often gave the phalanx a rag-tag appearance. The front ranks were reserved for the wealthiest, and therefore best-equipped, men where they hoped to perform heroic deeds in their rich panoply, while the poorer labourers and farmers – arguably those most suited to fighting – took their place behind.

Third, Giving armoured support to our early war Polish range, the 7TP allows you to push the invading panzers back from your borders. Or the Soviet invaders hoping to take advantage of the German assault. Get your hands on the new tank before you’re over run

And Lastly, Her Most Imperial Majesty, Queen Victoria has seen fit to defend her Empire’s holdings in Africa with a particular view to stemming the threat posed by the Zulu nation. Britain’s brave Redcoats are now available as a multi-pose plastic firing line! Whilst you are humming ‘Men of Harlech’ to yourselves, take a good look at the new plastics.