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New Plastic Pandemonium range from Attica Games

Attica Games has their first new releases in a while up on their website, the first of their new Plastic Pandemonium range.

From the update:

Attica Games is delighted to launch its new ‘Plastic Population’ range. The Plastic Population are the living invention of the fiendish Professor Polyphemus: "Product of the Population Printer, Property of Polyphemus ™.

First up are the Female Drone and Buster.

These poor proto-people begin to degrade within days, sometimes hours of leaving the birthing pod, ending their lives as little more than fleshy puppets of their evil master, caring only that they survive long enough to carry out his orders.
And they’re tooled up to inflict maximum damage on anyone who stands in their master’s way.
Attica has five more releases planned for the Plastic Population range, with further ranges in the coming months