New Plastic M18 Hellcat Available From Warlord Games

By Polar_Bear
In Historical
Dec 6th, 2016
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Those old PSAs told us that “speed kills.” Well, in the case of the M18 Hellcat, that was the case. Though it was the enemy that ended up getting taken out. The M18 was the fastest tracked armored vehicle that the Allies used during WWII, clocking in at 60mph. Using that speed, they would get around and behind the enemy, attacking where their armor was lighter. Now you can bring that speed and precision to your Bolt Action games.

Granted, the Hellcat’s own armor isn’t all that thick, topping out at 1″ at its thickest. But if you can keep the enemy from catching you, you’re good to go. The tank was used all over during WWII, from the fields of Europe to the boot of Italy, and even given to the Chinese to fight against the Japanese over in the far East. Heck, just about everyone wanted the tank. So much so that Venezuela still has some in use today.


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  • palaeomerus

    Not a tank but a tank destroyer. Open topped. Has a fast traverse turret and a crew of five. 76.2mm gun + a Browning .50 MG

    Britain didn’t like it, preferring their up-gunned M10 that dumped the US standard 76.2 mm for the UK’s own 17 pounder which they also crammed into the Sherman to produce the Firefly.

    US Army didn’t like it wanting more towed guns and the upcoming M36 w/ a 90mm gun.

    Only American TD forces liked it. Had a great kill to loss record though.