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New Pike & Shotte Veteran Musketeers and Command from Warlord Games

Apparently, a lot of you are happy with playing in The Devil's Playground... by that, I mean the Thirty Years War supplement for Pike & Shotte from Warlord Games. What'd you think I could've possibly meant? Anyway, to help bulk up your armies and to provide some strong leadership, Warlord Games has come out with a new Command Group, as well as a Veteran Storming Party of Musketeers and a group of Veteran Musketeers. These are clothed and equipped so they can be used either in the Thirty Years War or the English Civil War.

The Command group is lead by an officer wielding a pistol. Then there's the ensign carrying the regimental colors (so the ensign is assigned to carry a sign... seems appropriate). Then there's a drummer keeping everyone in step. Finally, there's the drunkard sergeant, because every military comedy show has a drunken sergeant. The command's headgear and battle standard is separate from the rest of the minis, so you have some options for how they look.

The other two units are musketeers in various poses. The Storming Party is ready to get in close and personal, attacking with whatever they might have on-hand in order to take out the enemy. Meanwhile, the Veterans are a bit more stoic as they prepare for battle or take aim to eliminate their adversary at range.