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New Pike & Shotte Releases Available From Warlord Games

Warlord Games is gearing up for the next supplement book to come out for Pike & Shotte. To Kill a King will be hitting shelves soon, and it's a good time to bulk up your forces. As such, you can order a new Storming Party with Petards (with which you can use to hoist them), Armoured Pikemen (can't really have a game called Pike & Shotte without pikemen), and Sir Bevil Grenville & Anthony Payne.

From the websites:

The new Storming Party is ready with it’s petard to blow up the castles gate and charge! This unit is designed for the purpose of taking fortifications and forcing everyone else out with varying results. Some storming parties went right into an ambush whilst others caught defenders of guard and managed to take fortification with minimal effort.

The backbone of any force, the new armoured pikemen stand ready for the impeding charge! The pike blocks were the “Queen of the battlefield” in the 17th century, a solid block of the tallest and stoutest of the infantry and the basis for offensive or defensive actions. It was assumed to be a more ancient and hence more noble weapon than the modern caliver or matchlock muskets that were appearing in greater numbers on the field of battle in the 1600s.

The pike itself started with a 16? ash wooden shaft with a secured sharp metal spear head giving the pikeman a lethal reach and when massed together, the ability to fend off either enemy pikemen or as often massed cavalry. A well-equipped pikeman would also have a short but sturdy sword to use at the closest quarters, when the ‘push of pike’ as it was termed had become a tangled mass.

The most loved man in Cornwall and his ‘Cornish giant’ are available to fight for you, make sure that Sir Bevil Grenville & Anthony Payne arrive in style with the new generals coach! Sir Bevil Grenville, also dubbed ‘the most generally loved man in Cornwall’, was a royalist who fought for his King and beliefs. Under the command of Sir Ralph Hopton, Sir Bevil was an essential part of the battles of Braddock Down and Stratton where he led his Cornishmen heroically. By his side was Anthony Payne, considered his bodyguard and known as the Cornish Giant who stood at a staggering 7 foot and 4 inches, he loyally stood by his commander till his death at Lansdowne 1643.

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