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New Pike & Shotte Ordnance Battery from Warlord Games

Warlord Games brings some new firepower to the 17th century battlefields of Pike & Shotte. This battery of cannons comes complete with their own field fortifications. With the highly-skilled crews, guns like these can certainly turn the tide of battle in one's favor. You can get yours now in their Warlord Games webshop.

From the website:

It was a rare thing for a general in the 17th Century to take to the field without an artillery train to intimidate and pulverise the enemy lines. These cannon and mortars were terrifying weapons, belching smoke and flames with a frightening roar that no simple country lad was likely to have heard before.

The cannon’s range of a thousand yards or more, although inaccurate at such extreme distances, could deliver its solid iron cannon balls to smash through the tightly packed enemy ranks to devastating effect.

A wily master gunner would position his guns where they could do the most damage whilst not risking them to the enemy – it being a great shame to lose ones guns in battle, not least because of the enormous cost incurred in manufacturing, transporting and crewing them.

This box has three mighty weapons carefully protected by well-built gabion and wicker work defences, with the gunpowder barrels safely stowed in pits. Served by stoic crews and supported by a Sentinel, Master Gunner and an Engineer, these will wreak havoc in your opponent’s battle lines!