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New Pike & Shotte Harquebusiers from Warlord Games

Warlord Games have added new Harquebusier figures to their Pike & Shotte range. Harquebusiers From their announcement:
The newest addition to our Pike & Shotte range are these beautifully sculpted Harquebusiers. Adapting tactics due to the rise of the pike in battle, commanders started to employ Harquebusiers – firearm-equipped horsemen – in increasing numbers. This was certainly true of Imperialist commanders during the Thirty Years War. This boxed set portrays typical mounted harquebusiers of the late 16th and early 17th century, and can represent troops of many nationalities. In each box of Harquebusiers you’ll find:
  • 12 multi-part metal Harquebusiers (including command)
  • 12 plastic horses
  • Plastic bases
  • Background guide
  • Six Full-colour flags for Thirty Years War
Head over to our webstore to grab yours and also take advantage of our free worldwide shipping offer.