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New Pigments Added to the MDP Pro Pigment Weathering Powders

Model Display Products has added new weathering powders to their online store:

From their announcement:

This week sees the addition of 4 new powders to the Pro Pigment range of weathering powders in the form of Chromium Oxide, Burnt Green Earth, Light Green Earth and a Graphite Powder.

The Graphite Powder is 200 Mesh grade so is very fine, it is ideal for doing rubbed/worn paint areas on vehicles and as it can be applied using your finger it will not leave sharp lines like a pencil. It can also be rubbed on chain to give a dark iron effect.

Available from Model Display Products as individual pots or as a set of 4 at a discount. All our pigments are artist grade so can be mixed with any medium or used on their own be it to paint with or as weathering powders for your models or to finish off that special base.