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New PDF releases from ADB

Amarillo Design Bureau have released several new PDF projects to the e23 online store. From their announcement:
We have, recently, begun a major move to make our products (or elements of those products) available in PDF form through the e23 system. Here are some recent highlights. All of these documents are high resolution and searchable. (They are copyrighted and cannot be uploaded anywhere.) Star Fleet Battles Master Rulebook The SFB eMRB is the latest revision of the venerable rules set for Star Fleet Battles. This edition has been updated with all of the errata and rules from new products. It includes, for the first time, the rules for the Jindarians, Vudar, Paravians, Carnivons, and Early Years ISC. As with the hard copy of this book, this is only the rules and does not include ship descriptions, counters, maps, scenarios, charts, or annexes. $50. Further SFB products will be uploaded over the next two years. Federation Commander Reference Rulebook Revision Six This is the updated rules for Federation Commander, compiling the rules (no ship descriptions, counters, maps, scenarios, charts, or annexes) from all of the FC products released to date, including War & Peace. This also includes all updates, CRUL 2 items, and minor corrections since Revision 5. $15. We also have many Ship Card Packs available (six ships for $5.)
Federaton & Empire 2010 Edition Rules This is the most recent edition of the F&E boxed set rules. It does not include counters, maps, forms, or play aids, and does not include any material from any of the expansions. It does include everything from the boxed game's rulebook (it's exactly the same document). $20. The various expansion rulebooks will be uploaded to e23 as they are updated, starting next fall. GURPS Prime Directive Core Rulebook Identical to the hard copy edition, this core rulebook includes extensive universe background (empires, species, technology) and complete standalone rules. It will, of course, work with any GURPS Fourth Edition book, so you can populate Planets with existing GURPS books. $19.95. The existing GURPS Klingons and GURPS Romulans, and the new GURPS Federation, will follow. (The PD20M version of this book is on DriveThru RPG and won't be on e23, nor will any of the other books listed here be placed on DriveThru RPG.) Starmada We have uploaded the rules ($5.95) and ships ($5.95) for Klingon Armada and similar $5.95 packs for Romulan Armada to e23, as well as the rules ($3.60) and ships ($8.35) from Alien Armada.