New papercraft releases from Dave’s Games

Dave’s Games have released several new paper terrain kits.

Medieval ground tiles

From their announcement:

Create twisting streets through your fantasy or medieval gaming table with my new set of Medieval Ground Tiles that you can print. These tiles are 6 inches square, and feature an optional 1″ grid overlay. Choose from 9 different road surfaces (cobblestones in 4 colors, paving stones in 4 colors, or gravel roads). You can choose from 3 basic background textures (mud, gravel or grass) with optional patchy grass and rubble overlays. You’ll also find off-road sections of mud and grass so you can create rough trails.

There are 19 different road sections, giving you everything you need to lay out roads and open plazas.

Also new this week is the Bombed House 30mm paper model. Featuring a wide range of texture options, this model is perfect for gaming in medieval, fantasy, World War, Napoleonic, steampunk, zombie and post-apocalyptic settings.

And if you’re looking for fences and low walls, check out my new Wooden Fences 30mm paper model set. It also includes gates, stone, brick, stucco and concrete walls, including ruined options and other features.

These and other new papercraft releases are now available from DavesGames.Net.