New paper ruins from Dave’s Games

Dave’s Games have released several new paper terrain kits.

Snipers Wall

From their announcement:

I’ve added several new paper model ruins to my catalog. These sets offers a variety of appearances, so you can print them over and over, each time with a unique look. All you need to create your own paper models is some cardstock (110# or 199gsm recommended) to print on, scissors, a hobby knife and ordinary paper glue.

The new Sniper’s Wall ruin includes multiple layer options making it suitable for just about any setting, whether you play medieval skirmish games, World War battles, or in a post-apocalyptic future.

Add some low barriers to your ruined city layout or build infinitely expandable mazes of ruined walls with my 3 new ruined wall sets — the Archway Ruins Set, Crosspiece Ruins Set and Crosspiece Ruins Set #2. These sets are fully compatible with one another, and have a slot-fit design that makes them easy to build and intermix. Each of these wall sets offers you 6 different textures (red bricks, brown bricks, gray bricks, stone, Tudor walls, concrete) as well as optional smoke and bullet damage layers.
Also check out the new Ruined Cottage and Ruined Church models.

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