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New Paladins Available to Pre-Order From Games Workshop

Back here in the office after Gen Con. Hopefully you, too, are getting back into the regular swing of things. I know I could use another day or so to rest, but the news doesn't stop and that means I can't, either. For example, there's a new set of Paladins available to pre-order from Games Workshop for Age of Sigmar. Along with them, they've also got some new terrain kits to help enhance your gaming table.

As is customary with GW unit kits, there's a lot of options and extras for your set of five guys. This includes weapons to create one of three different Paladin units (Retributors, Protectors, or Decimators), eighteen heads to pick from, twenty shoulder pads, and other extra weapons and decorations. The Sigmar forces really are getting quickly bulked up to the size of other armies to try and give you the options that other factions have available to them.

The terrain kits are specifically designed to show how Chaos has twisted and changed the landscape as they ravage across the lands and realms. There are Numinous Occulums, Ophidian Archways, and Dragonfate Diases (diasees?... ummm... Dragonfate Stands. There...). These pieces can be used separately, or in conjunction to create a single centerpiece for your gaming table.