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New paint storage trays available from Sally 4th

Sally 4th knows you gotta move your paints around every now and again and has created trays for it.

From the release:

This week’s new releases from Sally 4th are a set of storage cases for model paints. The cases are fully compatible with our Warchest Figure Storage system, so the same standard or clear Perspex lids can be used with them.

The cases are robust and stackable and allow for a good quantity of paint to be stored in a small space. As you can see from photos, I can’t decide if it is better to store jars and bottles upside down, or the right way up...either option is possible.

All paint storage cases include an appropriate insert which is set at a suitable height for paints being stored. Cases require assembly with PVA wood glue.

Small Paint Pot Case £ 9.50
Designed to hold 24 of the current Games Workshop / Citadel Paints. Also works for Humbrol Enamels.

Medium Paint Pot Case £10.50
Designed to hold 35 Wargames Foundry / Coat d'Arm / Original Citadel Paints.

Paint Bottle Case £11.50
Designed to hold 48 Vallejo or Army Painter bottles of paint.

All Sally 4th Products are available in the USA through Scalecreep Miniatures