New packs for the Glory of the Sun range

Copplestone Castings have released new 28mm figures for their Glory of the Sun historical range.

From their announcement:

At last some new packs for the Glory of the Sun range:

  • GS18 Dismounted Dragoons in Hat Firing
  • GS19 Dismounted Dragoons in Hat At Ready
  • GS20 Mounted Dragoons in Hat
  • GS21 Cavalry in Buff Coat with Carbine 1
  • GS22 French Cavalry in Buff Coat with Carbine 1

The mounted dragoons come with separate scabbarded swords and the cavalry with separate carbines (a mixture of flintlocks and wheellocks) and scabbards.

GS21 represents a standard type of well-equipped cavalryman you might see in any army of the Dutch or Scanian Wars.  As with the infantry I’ve used the term “French” to denote be-ribboned soldiers with fashionable half-sleeves and smaller hats, although they need not be actually be French.

More cavalry in buff coats and dragoons in caps next, followed very soon by cavalry in cuirasses, French dragoons and some command packs. Before Christmas I hope I’ll have added some mounted personalities: Louis XIV, William of Orange, The Prince-Bishop of Munster, the Grand Conde, Turenne and the Duke of Monmouth.

As I’ve said before the period 1665-1680 really has lots to offer, despite its apparent obscurity: colourful (but not too standardised) uniforms, campaigns right across Europe from the Pyrenees to the Baltic and lots of battles.