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New Orleans: Pirates Tavern Paper Terrain Available from Finger & Toe

Finger & Toe Models expands their New Orleans line of paper terrain pieces with the release of their Pirate Tavern and Blacksmith. Good for any sort of "modern" minis game, as well as anything post-apocalyptic, this piece can fit into a variety of tabletops you might need to set up.


From the release:

Bourbon Street: the bars, the dives, the haunted places . . . the blacksmith shop? New Orleans was very much a working city, and its French Quarter the hub of a vibrant commercial district in the early days. Through their lives, buildings get re-purposed, so the blacksmith shop became a tavern where pirates, smugglers, ne’er-do-wells, and even a few honest businessmen came to make deals and wet their whistles. The New Orleans Pirate’s Tavern is based on the infamous LaFitte’s Tavern in the French Quarter.