New Orcs from Kromlech

By tgn_admin
In Sci-fi
Aug 4th, 2011

Kromlech have posted a preview of some upcoming Greatcoat Orc figures.

Greatcoat Orc bodies

From their announcement:

After a month of silence we return with something special. Let me show you first pics of our upcoming orcs in greatcoats.

There are four different bodies in the first set. But it’s not a whole story. Rather soon we will release arms and heads matching greatcoated bodies and a lot of weaponry to accompany them.

Sculpted by Nozeminer.

  • Didn’t Kromlech release a veteran biker type body? Or am I thinking of another manufacturer.. it’s getting tricky to keep all of these alternative Ork models straight :/

  • Veritas

    Death Orks of Krieg!

    • Mananarepublic

      Exactly my thought – they look great!

  • Kane856

    Be interested in seeing the price of these when it’s released – look nice 🙂