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New Orc Pit Fighter & Cirlean Murmillo from Avatars of War

Avatars of War released another pair of minis for Arena Deathmatch. They're the Orc Pit Fighter and the Cirlean Murmillo. Even if you don't play Arena Deathmatch, these would make awesome miniatures for either stand-ins for your RPG character (or enemies) or as a general or hero for a myriad of fantasy miniatures games.


From the announcement:


Two of the most iconic fighters of the arenas of Saga join the Arena Deathmatch spectacle, with these two new figures sculpted by talented sculptor Tim Prow!

One of the most deadly and fearsome enemies to face in combat, a Pit Fighter is a melee expert, trained in all kinds of tricks and dirty fighting techniques.
An Orc pit fighter is a powerful warrior for any band of Orcs.

The Murmillo is one of the oldest fighting styles seen on the arenas of Cirlea. Dressed in armor plates of the highest craftsmanship, and protected by his big shield, at the first chance, the Murmillo will slash or stab his opponent without mercy! A highly tactical add in to any Cirlean ludus.