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New Orc Pirates from BigChild

BigChild has created a new line of orc pirates. Yo ho ho and a bottle of grog.


From the announcement:

Raise top sailors, the Black Sailors arrive!

After a few years of development in dark shims, the pirate orcs take the sea !

Born of the fertile imagination of BigChild team, they are now the work of sculptor Allan Carrasco, before others join the crew.

Painted by the greatest Spanish painters of the time, they were casted very carefully in resin and are closed to hit the shelves.

In BigChild we love orcs, we love pirates, so why not combine the two and produce such miniatures ?

At the moment, the captain, a crew member and the cook are ready, but others are already in production and will soon see the day.

Follow us to see what we have in mind !

"From the deepest seas of the Storm Coast, the Black Sailors raid all the small towns along the shore. No village or harbor can sleep in peace, as they know the orcs can land and ransack all their goods. Discretion and shadows are not what qualify the crew of the ship, as you can hear their battle cry from miles away when they attack. The loudest the better. The bloodiest the better.
No prisoner is their moto, unless you are stronger than them and u want to join the crew. Gold is what they prefer, gold and blood. If the two come along, they know the raid was good. Rumors spread quickly about their purpose, but are they really looking for Old Jack chest...."