New Orc Assault Squad available from Kromlech

Kromlech released a new Orc Greatcoat Assault Squad over in their webshop. Go check ’em out.



From the release:

We teased you with them on our webstore ( for some time now and judging by your inquisitive emails, you want these dudes out.
We do not want to keep you waiting anymore and therefore finally release the Orc Assaut Greatcoat Squad.
As always with our squads, you can get them as a 10-dude mob or if you are ballzy enough, go all out and pick the Company, which consists of Da Boss, 26 regular dudesmen and 3 ‘specialists’ (derp derp) armed with panzerschrecks.
We have prepared for them a new set of 9 different heads, but if that’s not enough for you, they are of course fully compatible with our other orc bits like the Yank Heads.
If you want to pimp them out further, go for Large Orc Backpacks or even Mechanical Close Combat Arms if you seek additional cyber-killyness.

Hope you like them!