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New Operation Sea Lion and German Releases Available From Warlord Games

In the "What If??" situation of Operation Sea Lion, the Germans have invaded the British isles and made various headways into the countryside. However, it's not just the British army that's fighting back. Everyday citizens are organizing, taking to the streets, and fighting against the German advances. Warlord Games has released several new citizens brigade units that you can use to play these alternate-history matches. Also, for you German players, they've released some STUG-rider figures in winter gear. It does get cold out, you know.

Patrolling the city, these Bankers are ready to defend their town, loved ones, and the money with undying determination!

Sculpted by the talent that is Paul Hicks, these City Workers marked out with bowler hats are just as good in a fight as their rural cousins.

Armed with standard issue kit over their three-piece suits they still never leave home without an umbrella.


With their husbands and sons fighting, England’s women have decided enough is enough and prepare to combat the Axis forces themselves.

As good with a rifle as they are with a Victoria Sponge, these ladies are not to be trifled with, especially when they need to be home in time to make tea.

These women are ready to defend their homes and families, you shouldn’t mess with them!

Sculpted by the talent that is Paul Hicks, The Gardening Guard are retired soldiers from the Great War who while away the time upon their allotments. Being ex-soldiers these chaps should not be underestimated.


The civilian force have taken up arms to help their boys fight back against the German menace!

Ready to fight in the invasion the Militia was led by senior figures in the local community, ready to lead by example to protect family and homes.


Prepare for an intense battle with the German Heer Begleit Stug riders! Protecting their Stug as it advances on your enemies…