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New Online shop & 18mm Spanish Civil War from Warmodelling Miniatures

Warmodelling Miniatures has made a new webshop on their website and populated it with some new 18mm Spanish Civil War miniatures.

From the update:

Our new ONLINE shop is totally operative.
We are working in uploading all the images, now you can find all the Capitan Miniatures & Warmodelling all merged together.


Our new Spanish Civil War range is available at:

ONLINE SHOP Click to go to the catalogue:
and in our distributors in a few weeks

The references will include:
SCWL-001 Legionarios command (2 officers, 1 standard bearer, 1 pioneer, 2 NCO)
SCWL-002 Legionarios infantry (7 rifle 1 SMG)
SCWL-003 Legionarios small arms (LMG light mortar) (1 LMG & server standing, 1 LMG & server prone, 1 light mortar & server prone)
SCWM-001 Milicianos command (2 officers, 2 standard bearer, 2 NCO)
SCWM-002 Milicianos infantry (7 rifle 1 SMG)
SCWM-003 Milicianos small arms (LMG light mortar)(1 LMG & server standing, 1 LMG & server prone, 1 light mortar & server prone)
SCWV-01 T-26 tank (republican crew)
SCWV-02 T26 tank (nationalist crew)
SCWV-03 BA6 Armored vehicle (2 republican crew)
SCWV-04 BA6 Armored vehicle (2 nationalist crew)

3,6€ infantry bags and 7,5€ tank or vehicle
All master sculpted by Mike Broadbent,
And more to come HMG, mortars, Antitank artillery field artillery, and new ranges and vehicles.....

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