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New online magazine and releases for World of Twilight

There are new figures as well as a new PDF based magazine focusing on the World of Twilight range and game. ? From their announcement:
We have two exciting announcements from The World of Twilight. First up, we've just published the first issue of our new online periodical, The Twilight Traveller. This little document is hosted by Pyre Studios and can be downloaded for free (PDF link). In this first issue Danakan prepares to set off on her travels through Anyaral, we introduce some rules for Herder Light Cavalry 'Reyads' (old Herders who act as captains) and share a couple of previews. The second announcement is that we have some long overdue new releases. The Empire gets some new light cavalry and the Devanu get their first taste of ranged support with the addition of the Jenta Spear.