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New Olympus desktop pictures now available

Crocodile Games have added several new Wargods desktop pictures to their online store. Mycenae desktop From their announcement:
As we are putting the finishing touches on the new Mycenaean release, here are some new Olympus desktops available for download. The desktops feature 2 of the factions from Olympus -- Mycenae and Sparta, and both featuring the fantastic artwork of Des Hanley. They are available for free, so pick your favorite and customize your desktop with the mighty warriors of Olympus. For those eager to play these factions, the miniatures for the Spartans are available now, and the Myenaeans are the next Croc release, coming in a few weeks. The next issue of Croc Tales will feature the complete rules for these factions, updated and expanded from the old playtest manual. Watch for some more Mycenaean sneak-previews coming over the next few days.