New old school adventurers Indiegogo

Dragon Bait Miniatures is running a Kickstarter campaign for an old-school style set of fantasy adventurer minis.

Adventurers Green


From the campaign:

Greetings and welcome to Dragon Bait Miniatures inaugural Indiegogo campaign for my new range of 28mm Fantasy Adventurers! My name is Joe Corsaro and for over thirty years I have been collecting miniatures and playing role-playing games. I have always been a huge fan of the old-style fantasy miniatures, especially the Dungeon Dweller range produced by Heritage Models during the late 1970’s. The realistic gear, classic poses and flag-stone bases of these miniatures captured the essence of what a fantasy adventurer should look like. I wanted to recapture the character and personality of these old school miniatures but refined and upgraded to suit the types of adventurers being used in current role-playing game systems. I was fortunate to enlist the aid of two great talents in producing these miniatures – Mike Burns, a long-time friend who was able to turn my vague ideas into some great concept images and the legendary Kev ‘goblin-master’ Adams, who is doing a truly tremendous job sculpting these highly detailed Fantasy Adventurers.