New Northwest Frontier models available from Blue Moon Manufacturing

Blue Moon Manufacturing has 10 new releases for their Northwest Frontier line over in their webshop.

From the release:

We have just finished a large number of the Northwest Frontier codes. Ready to go are:

15NWP-01 Pathan Command (30 figures) $15.00
Consisting of 9 Standardbearers, 9 Drummers and 12 Officers
15NWP-04 Tribesmen Charging with Swords (30 figures) $16.50

15NWB-02 Indian Infantry Skirmishing (30 figures) $15.00
15NWB-03 Indian Infantry Advancing (30 figures) $15.00
15NWB-05 Ghurka Rifles Skirmishing (30 figures) $15.00
15NWB-06 Ghurka Rifles Charging with Kukris (30 figures) $15.00
15NWB-12 Sikh Infantry Skirmishing (30 figures) $15.00
15NWB-13 Sikh Infantry Advancing (30 figures) $15.00

15NWAR-02 Afghan Regular Infantry Advancing (30 figures) $15.00
15NWAR-03 Afghan Regular Infantry Skirmishing (30 figures) $15.00