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New North Star mounted British for 19th Century Africa

North Star Military Figures have released new 28mm mounted British figures for their North Star Africa range. Mounted British troops From their announcement:
The North Star Africa! range continues with two new packs of mounted British South Africa Company troopers. The packs contain 2 different figures, the first pack armed with pistols, the second pack with Martini-Henry rifles. The British South Africa Company was a volunteer force raised by Cecil Rhodes to overthrow the Matabele Kingdom in 1893. They fought their major battles behind wagon laagers armed with Maxim machine guns, but actually were in the main light cavalry, ready to ride out once the enemy had been broken. One such group of mounted BSAC troopers was ambushed on the Shangani river and wiped out to a man. As I've mentioned in previous posts, the BSAC were not uniformed, so these figures will do for any irregular troops in the British Empire during the late 19th Century.
North Star Africa! figures are 28mm sized, made of metal and supplied unpainted. The examples here were painted by Dave Woodward of EVM Painting service. Dave Thomas carries our range at UK shows, and our USA stockist is Brigade Games. We now have a Facebook page, where I add regular updates about all of the North Star, Artizan Design, Crusader Miniatures and Great War Miniatures products. I also use the Facebook page, which links to our Twitter page, to announce offers and deals, so it is worth keeping an eye on a regular basis to either page. If you visit the photo album North Star Africa right now, there are four photos of forth-coming BSAC figures including the Shangani Patrol and Major Allan Wilson.