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New North Africa Sets Available To Pre-Order For Bolt Action

It's hot out. Ridiculously hot. Dangerously hot. It was also dangerously hot outside during the North Africa campaign during WWII. Though the danger was as much from enemy snipers and artillery as it was the heat. Warlord Games is taking us back to those desert offensives with their latest Bolt Action releases, including a new Western Desert book and special pre-order model.

The British 8th Army, including Commonwealth troops from many nations, fights to stave off the overwhelming German and Italian Axis forces in this latest Bolt Action Campaign book – The Western Desert!

When compared to the enormous campaigns waged on the Eastern Front and in Western Europe during World War II, the struggle in North Africa between the British Commonwealth and the Axis might seem an unimportant sideshow. However, its influence and impact were far-reaching and dictated many strategic decisions that influenced the course of the war.

This Bolt Action campaign book will focus on the conflict in the area most commonly referred to as the Western Desert – a campaign theatre reaching from the Libyan city of Tripoli to Cairo, and the Egyptian Nile valley, a distance of some 1300 miles, a featuring some of the most hostile terrains on Earth.

It covers a period of time from September 1940 when Mussolini’s Italian Army invaded British-held Egypt to the final retreat of Rommel’s Afrika Korps from Egypt during October 1942. During that period the conflict witnessed much hard fighting resulting in spectacular victories and the capture of territory, equipment and prisoners for both sides whilst also subjecting them to a series of demoralising retreats where final and irrevocable defeat seemed assured.

This book has 167 pages full of content, ranging from new rules and units, full-colour images, history and backgrounds and more!


New Bolt Action starter – El Alamein Battle Set – Fight as the British 8th army or German Afrika Korps in this brand New Bolt Action starter set! This starter set gives you everything you need to play a Bolt Action game based within the Western Desert, you’re able to make two forces from this set, representing the Allies and the Axis efforts of attempting to control the deserts of Africa!

It has two armies to use, templates and pin markers, order dice and regular dice, terrain, an A5 rulebook which is only found in its sister set, the Band of Brothers! Also, it also comes with the latest Bolt Action supplement for free, the Western Desert book which contains everything you need to know about both of the British 8th army and the German DAK forces, and more importantly, how to fight in desert warfare!


The British 8th Army comprised of men from around the British Commonwealth – Australians, New Zealanders, South Africans, Indians and Polish troops all joining their British counterparts in the Western Desert. Facing the combined threats of Italian & German forces, searing temperatures and the inhospitable terrain they emerged victorious.

This boxed set gives you all you need to start playing with the forces of the British Commonwealth in the scorching, dust-filled desert of North Africa and beyond.
Providing a strong core of infantry, support teams and the ubiquitous Bren Carrier transports this set is perfect for replaying legendary battles such as El Alamein and Tobruk. Will your Desert Rats prevail against the combined fascist forces of Italy and Germany?


The 8th army (known as the Desert Rats) was a field army formation of the British Army, fighting mainly in the Italian and North African campaigns. This army was comprised of many different units coming from, but not limited to, Australia, Canada, Free French Forces, New Zealand and Poland! They also included the V Corps, X Corps, XIII Corps, XXX Corps, I Canadian Corps and the II Polish Corps.

Again, the hand of command regularly changed but one of the most notable commanders was no other than General Bernard Montgomery who was in command from 13 August 1942 to 29 December 1943.


The Deutsches Afrikakorps, also known as the DAK, was the German expeditionary force in Africa during the North Africa campaign. They were initially sent to aid the Italian forces who were already deployed there after they lost ground against the British forces. With subsequent reinforcements, the DAK eventually pushed the British back and thus started a tug-of-war over the Western Desert.

This army set contains everything you’ll ever need to field a DAK force just like they would have been deployed in the desert! With heavy elements of infantry and transportation, this army suits those who want to control the battlefield through tactical outmanoeuvring.


Sent to North Africa to bolster the Axis war effort in the Western Desert, the Deutsches Afrika Korps, under their mercurial leader – Erwin Rommel, the Desert Fox – pushed the armies of the British Commonwealth almost to breaking point, earning the respect of the opponents in the dust-filled, scorching climate.

This boxed set gives you all you need to start playing with Erwin Rommel’s Afrika Korps as they face the forces of the British Commonwealth in the searing heat of the North African and Tunisian campaigns.
Providing a strong core of infantry, support weapons, a Panzer III medium tank and the deadly ’88’ anti-tank gun this set is a great starting point for your adventures in the Western Desert. Will Rommel, The Desert Fox overcome his British opponents, the Desert Rats?