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New Normans Available To Order For Hail Caesar

I'm not sure how easy it would be to control an entire army where everyone is named Norman. I mean, you'd get into, "Hey! Norman! ... No... the other Norman! ... No, the other-other Norman!" ... It'd soon turn into a Monty Python skit. Thankfully, the Normans weren't actually all named Norman. I just wanted to make a terrible joke. Either way, there's new Archers, Cavalry, and Heavy Infantry kits available to order from Warlord Games for Hail Caesar.

Barrage your opponents from afar with the new Norman archers!

With enough arrows, this archery unit can certainly make any opponent fall, especially those foolish enough to stay in their sights for too long.


12 Norman Archers

Archers Source

Sweep through the flank of your opponent with the new Norman unarmoured cavalry.

Sacrificing armour for added agility, this cavalry unit is mostly suited for flanking or dealing with unprotected artillery or archery units.


4 Norman Unarmoured Cavalry

Cavalry Source

Form your frontline with the new Norman heavy infantry.

Using chain mail and their shields, these heavy infantrymen are the ideal choice to take the brunt of your opponents attack.


8 Norman Heavy Infantry

Heavy Infantry Source