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New Noble Armada previews

Mongoose Publishing have posted previews of the 3D sculpts for two new Noble Armada miniatures. Hazat Shamshir Strike Cruiser From their website:
Sandrine is currently busy working on the all new Vau fleet (very advanced technology.), but I managed to swipe these images from her machine while she was going for coffee - new vessels due a little later this year for Hazat and al Malik. First up, is the Hazat Shamshir Strike Cruiser. This addition to the Hazat fleet is no more subtle than its companions. A big, heavy cruiser, the Shamshir retains heavy blasters in the turrets (Hazat players will know how useful they are.) and a large contingent of Troops. However, it also sports a small number of hangars and the Carrier trait, making the entire fleet more flexible by giving it more options to field fighters. So what, you may ask... This will become painfully obvious when we unveil the Immortal Boarding Shuttle, a fighter-class craft that shoots across space to latch on to an enemy and make an immediate boarding action.