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New Ninja Turtles Preview For HeroClix Posted

Show of hands who watched the hell out of the Ninja Turtles cartoon back in the 90s. *raises hand and watches many other hands go up* Yeah, just as I figured. Well, WizKids is bringing more of those characters we loved so much in our youth to your tabletops now. We've seen some of the badguys already, now let's get to the main team. We get a preview of all four Turtles.

And there we have them. Each one crafted to represent their persona from the first cartoon series. You've got Raphael being "Cool, but Crude," which lets him use Battle Fury and Shape Change. There's Michelangelo, the "Party Dude" that lets him and other TMNT character crit on rolls of 11. Donatello, always the tinkerer of the group, gets "Does Machines" that can turn objects into +1 Attack for TMNT characters. Finally, there's Leonardo, who is the Leader of the group, allowing him to use Leadership and granting an extra +1 DEF to a friendly TMNT character.