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New Near Future trooper sprues available from Pig Iron Productions

Pig Iron Productions will have several new sprues available next week for their Near Future range, letting you make several types of troopers.
Though if you're at Warfare, you can get them sooner.

From the announcement:

This weekend at Warfare sees the launch of the first packs of our 28mm Near Future range. These will be available from the Tablescape stand along with our other products.

The first release is a selection of sprues that enable you to build squads of well equipped troops complete with assault weapons, saw's and anti-tank missiles. They have been designed as next generation infantry that could be used to represent any nations armed security forces.

The sprues are split into separate torsos, legs and heads that give you endless combinations of poses. As usual the sprues have been modelled into scenic rubble which can be used to decorate your bases and are all available separately. They have been designed to work with our Kolony sprues and fit nicely with 'heroic scaled' plastic figures which will please all the converters out there.

They will be available to buy on our website next week and keep visiting our blog for painted examples over the coming week to two.

The sprues are £4.50 + postage