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New Near Future Irregulars available from Pig Iron Productions

Pig Iron Productions has posted up their August releases on their website. This month features their Near Future Irregulars.

From the announcement:

This month sees the release of our new Near Future Irregular sprues. These sprues will allow you to create irregular style figs that can be used for all sorts or paramilitary, insurgents, militia, gangers, survivors etc.
The legs feature a combination of jeans, tracksuits and fatigues with a mix of military boots, hiking boots and trainers. The torsos have a mix of body armour and jackets, with assault rifles and pistols. All are on our popular rubble sprue for base decoration.

Sprues and head packs are £5.00 + p&p

The new hooded heads speak for themselves, but you could also use them on our regular troops for black ops style figs. Also, the NF Mercenary heads look great on the irregular sprues.

More irregular NF stuff coming soon plus some weirder NF stuff that I've been working on in secret.

On the downside, it's been a long time coming but we've had to implement a price rise across all our ranges. We think they're still good value though - but we would say that!