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New Native Troops Skirmishing at TableTopScale

TableTopScale has some new Modern Moroccan units available now over in their webshop.

Native Troops Skirmishing


From the website:

Force20 Fine Scale Miniatures new Moroccan “Mehalla” fighters, suitable for the Spanish Civil War and the early days of WWII in the North African desert, are now available. These figure packs are the first in Force20’s new “Native Troops” range and have a SRP of US$5.99.

NT-01, Mehalla Commmand and Support, includes a Command figure with Krag-Jorgenson M1912 rifle, a fighter charging with M1893 Mauser, and a Hotchkiss M1914 machinegun with 2man crew.

NT-02, Mehalla Fighters includes four fighters with M1893 Mauser rifles and one with Krag-Jorgenson M1912 rifle.

Force20 Fine Scale Miniatures are 20mm scale white metal figures, with standard packs containing five figures and Diorama Special (DS) packs containing 9-10 figures. Force20 figures are available from, Elhiem Figures, and