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New Napoleonic Russian releases from Baccus

Baccus have expadned their range of 6mm Napoleonic Russian miniatures with new cavalry and artillery releases. Russian Howitzers From their website:
Hot on the heels of last week's releases along comes more new stuff from your friendly and not in any way evil supplier of little men... This week I am pleased to announce that we have more additions to the resculpted Napoleonic Russian range in the form of things that go, 'Neigh!' and things that go 'Bang!' First off we have the cavalry in the form of the Cuirassiers, Dragoons and Hussars. And where would a Russian army be without its artillery. So not only do you now have new crew, but you also get a choice of 6pdr, 12pdr or ten pdr howitzer to go with them. The cannon themselves are all in our one piece casting format.