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New Napoleonic Russian releases at Baccus

Baccus have added several new packs of 6mm Russian Napoleonic figures to their online store. From their website:
Once again the workers at Baccus MegaCorps Industries have been tirelessly slaving away to bring you news of new ranges, exciting shows and novel areas of excitement for your delectation. This is going to be a bumper full update, so sit down comfortably, get a nice hot drink and read on... First off, there are more new releases as we continue to relentlessly work on the Napoleonic Russian range. This week's new releases are:
  • Russian Infantry in Greatcoat
  • Russian Cossacks
  • Russian Horse Artillery and Limber teams
Work is continuing to complete the odds and ends for the range, so for those of you straining at the leash to start painting Olpechnie, Engineers and Tartars, your wait will soon be at an end...