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New Napoleonic Prussian High Command and Jagers from Warlord Games

Told you it wouldn't be long before Warlord Games came back with another Napoleonic release. We once more go back to the fields of Waterloo where we have some new Prussians, arriving back just in time to save Wellington's butt after the French had initially sent them into retreat. There's a new High Command set as well as some new Jagers (no word on if they're carrying any bombs).

The Prussian High Command set contains Field Marshal von Blücher (*horses whinny*), General August von Gneisenau (Blücher’s chief of staff), and Marshal Friedrich Karl von Zeiten. All of them looking rather dapper on their fine horses.

After that are the Prussian Jagers. They were light infantry who were all volunteers. They loved their country dearly and even covered their own costs for uniform and weapons.

Both of these sets are available over in the Warlord Games Webshop.