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New Napoleonic Character packs from Alban Miniatures

Alban Miniatures have released three packs of 28mm Napoleonic Character figures. British Riflemen From their announcement:
Alban Miniatures have released a Harris & Hangman Personality Pack to compliment their 'Harpe and Sharper' character pack in their British Rifles range. Harris and Hangman are sculpted wearing their forage caps and really look the part. In addition to these little beauties Alban Miniatures have also released a British Light Infantry character pack depicting our very own Sergeant Shakewell looking in to his shako and a concerned Corporal Hammond pointing over his shoulder whilst advancing. Currently Alban Miniatures are designing new decals in house and will be launching these soon along with the introduction of French Infantry. The range is growing and Alban are once again on the march so please feel free to check out the new website at