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New Napoleonic Army Starter Bundles Available From Warlord Games

If you're a big fan of historical miniatures gaming, one of the biggest settings is the era of the Napoleonic Wars in Europe. The Little Emperor (who was of average height, actually) wanted it all, and he damn-near got it. You can reply out those battles and see if you can do better than he did, or take on the role of the other side of those conflicts and keep the French out of anywhere but France. And helping you get involved in Warlord Games, with several Black Powder army bundle deals.

From the website:

The Portuguese and English clash against the French and her allies. Muster your forces with these new Napoleonic Peninsular campaign starter armies!

European tension grows as Napoleon marches through unhindered, England and her allies have mustered everything they have to end Napoleon’s reign…finish it with the new Napoleonic Waterloo campaign starter armies!

Napoleonic Peninsular campaign starter armies Source
Napoleonic Waterloo campaign starter armies Source