New Mutineer releases

Mutineer Miniatures have released several new packs of 28mm Indian Mutiny figures.


From their announcement:

We continue to grow this range of figures at a very fast pace, after salute we will launch a further 4 packs including two packs of highlanders, additional mutineer command and a further pack of regulation dress infantry. In addition we have nearly completed the Mutineer command elephant

May will see the launch of Cavalry and Sikh infantry more artillery guns and crews

New Releases

  • EIC03 £5.50 Marching British Infantry 4 poses in Boat Coat covered cap
  • EIC06 £5.50 Marching British in Shell jacket pugris wrapped kilmarnock cap 4 poses.
  • MUT05 £5.50 Badmarshes Militia, These guys were brigands, released prisoners and fanatics that joined the Sepoy rebellion. This pack would make a nice warband with MUT03
  • EIC07 £5.50 Gurkha Infantry
  • EIC08 £5.50 Gurkha Command