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New Mortans Releases Available For Godslayer

The Mortans for Godslayer are getting themselves some new reinforcements to make sure that when those gods are slayed, they stay slayed! They're getting some new soldiers in the form of the Xisteri Bombers, and a new monster in the form of the Moloch.

If you'd like a set of figures that are a good bang for your buck (yes, I stand behind that joke), then you'll want to look no further than the Xisteri Bombers. These troops fling naptha bombs into the midst of the enemy, causing terrible wounds and confusion. Meanwhile, the Moloch is a new undead construct created by the Necromagi. An unholy abomination created from bits of wyverns, mastodons, rhinos, buffalos, vargs, and Griffons. "Waste not. Want not." indeed...