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New Monsters join the Sharktipede

Shartipede is nearing the finish, but not without bringing two new monsters into the melee.


From the campaign:

Hey everybody!

Only 9 days left on this bad boy and we've done SO well!! Just shy of 300% and you cannot believe how grateful i am to you all. You are making my dream come true and its an amazing feeling.

Update on the add-ons:

The Berserker has been CRAZY popular thus far! We are good! Everybody who ordered the Berserker is going to get one! So if you were holding off pledging for one to see if he would get enough pledges wait NO LONGER because he's solid gold.

Monktopus is dragging his tentacles a bit though. Im going to pull some string with family members and what not and we are going to get him haha. If i have to borrow money myself to order the last few i will to make sure everybody gets one.


Its time to do whatever we can to get a late push for this thing! A lot of time the last 3 or so days for a kickstarter can be big. If you all would share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, talk it up at your local game shop, whatever you can do! Lets blow the lid off of this thing! I REALLY want to make more monster mini's and the more successful this kickstarter is the sooner i'll be able to sit down and make a few more really cool monsters for everybody.

Again, thank you all SO much!