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By Polar_Bear
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Sep 21st, 2014

Kingdom Death lets us know how things are going on Monster. Though the title says much of it, “This project is not finished yet.”
Note: Being Kingdom Death, of course there are some elements that may not be safest to view at most places of employment.

Lantern Armor Kit


From the post:

The amount of effort that has gone into each and every miniature is akin to squeezing a diamond from a lump of coal. Metaphorically speaking, I’m covered in soot, my finger nails are cracked and I’m coughing up black chunks.

I’ve been busy, more busy then I’ve ever been in my life, trying with every ounce of myself to keep the plastic production on track. It has been a huge challenge and has required more of my attention than I anticipated. When I tried to step back, I had to balance it against more lost time or worse yet, a loss of quality and thus, I’ve just had to keep my nose to the grindstone.

I could not step away from the tasks at hand and thus, could not get this update out any sooner. Between preparing it and getting my brain ready to respond to the follow up messages, I decided to finish the time sensitive stuff, and then return to the public surface.

And well… here I am!

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  • roninjotatan

    so if current progress continues we might get get this 2016… one sprue done every twenty days this project might never end.

    • Soulfinger

      At least you’ll get a copy. I would still feel bad about missing the boat even if the projected date was 2025, five years after when Gibson and Pondsmith promised that I’d have my Mr. Studd cybernetic implant.

      • Grindar

        Yeah I have to get this retail myself, assuming it ever actually gets there. I was broke the month they did this kickstarter in, and didn’t have the spare room in the budget the one day he let more people get the core box.

      • thetang22

        I’m kinda glad I backed out, to be honest. I’ve gotten to the point that I’ve already got so many unpainted miniatures (that will likely never get painted) that I can’t invest in a project primarily because it comes with more neat minis. There has to also be a game I care about, and the reality of it is that there’s no real indication that Monster will succeed as a “game”.

        • odinsgrandson

          Is it just me, or is this game always expanding?

          He keeps adding in more stuff- which is neat, but it adds an awful lot to the retail price of the game. And it seems like every time something gets finished, he’s also adding something new to the box or one of the expansions.

          And I honestly have difficulty believing that this game is going to need so very many survivor options.

          I have trouble thinking that any board game can be successful at $250 for the box, even if it is utterly brilliant. Maybe Kickstarter is changing that (we’ve seen situations where people invest $600 or more in a game that isn’t finished being developed yet). We’ll see if that goes for retail as well.

          Still, I honestly hope that his game designers are as good as his sculptors, and that this game is absolutely brilliant.

          • thetang22

            That’s an interesting conversation about the viability of expensive board games. Even to this day, I think the people who are willing to buy into a boardgame that’s around $100+ represent the minority of the larger hobby. I think the hobby is mainly made up of people who want to buy easily digestible games that are in the $20-60 range. If you boost that up to $250 as the entry point…you are really narrowing down your potential customer base.

            You will have people who would willingly back it regardless of the price, but then you have others who are bitter that the developer chose an entry point that isn’t viable for you. Like you said Odin – it’s hard to believe all those survivor options are essential for the base game. I’m sure all those options could have been made optional purchases in the interest of keeping the entry point at a more accessible price range for more people to be able to enjoy the game. My personal feelings is that doing it the way he’s chosen to is a mistake. It’s not to say it won’t be successful, but I think it would be MORE successful otherwise with a lower entry cost.

            There’s an argument that even at $100+, these expensive games offer great value. I don’t contest that…but some people simply won’t buy a boardgame for $100+. When they are used to buying boardgames in that $20-60 range, $100 is just too expensive for a boardgame, regardless of what it comes with.

          • Soulfinger

            My wife used to make dog collars for a living. Most people will spend $10 or so on a collar, which sold in quantity is enough to keep a manufacturer alive and healthy. In her case, a few people spend $40 to $100 apiece on collars, which was enough to support a small-scale artisanal business. Likewise, some people pay $20/cigar or $200k on a luxury car.

            It’s the same with games, and Kingdom Death has been boutique style from the very beginning. Think of it as purposefully refining the customer base, as opposed to incidentally narrowing it. From the core concept on up it has never been a mass market game. The people who buy $30 games at Target aren’t going to want a Wet Nurse model, which is to say that nothing about it is entry level. From what I’ve seen, it is a collectable art item as much as a game, and I expect that many of the buyers won’t even end up playing it. Really, it’s a far better executed stab at the “We’re the Harley Davidson of miniatures” approach that Games Workshop has taken.

          • thetang22

            You make some great points, but quality isn’t the only culprit…quantity has a lot to due with the price raise. The size of the base game box is basically twice as big as the original plan, because Adam just keeps adding more and more and more stuff to it.

            He could have kept his scope in check for the base game and probably kept it around the $100-150 mark, with all the extra quantity as optional purchases, but he decided to lump it all in the base purchase, effectively limiting his potential customers.

            For reference, I’m not talking about the official expansions….just all the extra content that’s padded the size of the base game beyond the original plan.

          • Soulfinger

            I dig it, which is why I am especially bummed not to be getting a copy. I can’t afford the $250 game. One big, expensive box full of a bajillion miniatures may be the better sell than a $100 base game with countless expensive supplements. That latter one is WH40K. Shame he is probably too busy to post here about it like he used to.

  • Why do I keep adding more? Because I want to increase the experience for the backers. Their patience, understanding and kindness towards our team has motivated me to go above and beyond anytime that I can. It would have made a lot more practical business sense to shelf the entire project, wait for the plastic to finish, and focus the team on developing something new. Instead, any extra time is going right back into play testing, polishing, further refinements and small extras wherever I can cram them in.

    As far as the future retail life of the game is concerned, it’s the switch to hard plastic that has bloated the cost so immensely. If the game were PVC, especially a low end material we could get away with a lot more for a lot less money.

    I currently have no intent of compromising the vision for the sake of previously established market values. We may experiment with more interesting approaches to making the game more affordable, instead of simply dissecting it and turning it into a low cost starter with a bazillion options. For example, offering people credit towards the box for uniquely painted miniatures, or setting up a special online page where you can buy the game with 3 other friends, splitting it’s cost.

    I think if we do make a starter in the future, it might be more fun to make it a prologue of sorts, or an alternative start to the campaign. But again, until the kickstarter is done all of that a stuff is on the back burner.

    • Soulfinger

      Thanks for the post and for continuing to be super cool.