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New modern ANZACs and Victorian NW Frontier models available from Baker Company

Baker Company has posted up their August releases on their website including new ANZACs and a Victorian NW Frontier line.

From the releases:

Added to our web-store is a new range within our Victorian Wars category: The Afghan Northwest Frontier of the 1890s. It currently contains British Infantry with command and Afghan Tribesmen.

These 28mm white metal miniatures are from our friends at Studio Miniatures.

Available now are the first three ANZAC packs for the Vietnam range!

As you will see, there are currently the command and support weapon pack, ANZAC Rifles (encompassing running and firing poses all armed with SLR) and the SASR pack full of different weapons and special forces goodness!

Coming soon will be ANZAC Scouts and a patrolling section. We will then also offer a platoon pack special deal to work with the Ambush Alley Vietnam game. These extra packs are available now as pre-orders and will be completed by the end of August. Any order that contains a pre-order will be refunded the postage, worldwide!