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New Models, Bundles, and Stretch Goals for The Deluge

Wargamer Games Studio made it through some more stretch goals in their The Deluge expansion Kickstarter for By Fire and Sword. There's less than 2 days left to go. How many more stretch goals can they make it through?


From the update:

Imperial Unarmored Cuirassiers are now unlocked! We have reached 44k so portable obstacles are now unlocked! As promised, by reaching 44k, 3 sets of order tokens for new armies: Brandenburg, Transylvania and Holy Roman Empire are unlocked! The Transylvanian unit – light Székely cavalry/’chimney’ cavalry (like ‘chimney smoke’ in Polish infantry). Is unlocked! At the moment we are aiming for 47k there will be 3 large sets: High Command for Transylvania, Holy Roman Empire and Brandenburg. It’s final set that will allow to
publish ‘from skirmish to division’ bundles. As we have promised next batch of historical divisional bundles will be available when we reach 47000 for now Free PDF Rules. Please help us to make those wonders come true, spread the news!

Thank you very much for your support so far and we still count on you!