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New models and deals from Raging Heroes

Raging Heroes continues to bring out more models from their Toughest Girls of the Galaxy line over in their webshop. The first Iron Empire heroes are now available. And because they're so kind-hearted and in the spirit of giving this season, they've got some special deals over in their webshop, too, if you buy them as a bundle. Plus, you can get a free beer coaster with certain orders. Because why not?


From the release:

Check out the first Iron Empire Heroines just released by Raging Heroes for their Toughest Girls of the Galaxy range: Lady Hilda von Stroheim, Mortaria Noctis, Vera Krabbenhöft, together with Jinx, the Iron Empire mascot!

And don't miss their webstore's Deals section to get 16% off when you get all 4 together!

But that's not all! Buy anything before January 5th and get a free beer coaster for each item ordered!