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New model preview from Wrath of Kings

Wrath of Kings put up another model preview. This one's for the Deathbloom.

From the preview:

Here is a preview look at Kae Howun, The Deathbloom.

The wandering fighters and their schools are treated as unwanted outsiders in Achrion’s tight knit society, for they have abandoned their ties to pursue a personal passion in the martial arts. Some of these students, however, had nothing to abandon. Kae Howun— meaning “found flower” in the local dialect—was abandoned as an infant at a crossroads and found by crimson blossom students. Raised in the school ’s hidden retreat in the mountains, she has known no life, community, or family but these disciplined mystics. A pleasant and charming, if not gregarious, young woman, she feels ostracized through no fault of her own, and suffers quite keenly the scorn and distrust of her countrymen.