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New Mobile Artillery Piece and Armored Train Available For Bolt Action

A pair of new releases are up in the Warlord Games webshop for Bolt Action today. If you're a fan of big guns, you'll be interested in seeing what they've got. There's the 15cm sFH auf Lorraine Schlepper(f), a mobile artillery piece usurped by the Germans after they invaded France. Then there's an armored friggin' train.

I'm glad to see that little brace coming out the back of the Lorraine Schlepper, otherwise, yeah, that really looks like it'd just flip end-over-end backwards whenever it fired. As for the Armored Train, you get the option of several different cars. There's the armored locomotive, as well as an armored crew car, and a couple different weapon-equipped cars, as well as a car to carry tanks on. If you want a single piece, there's a "scout car" type of piece as well. And while this isn't a Terrain Corner feature, you can get plenty of train tracks and train accessories as well.

Lorraine Schlepper Source
Armored Train Source