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New Mix-and-Match figure sets and updated webstore at Ramshackle Games

Ramshackle Games has added some new mix-and-match figure sets to their webstore, as well as upgraded the look and pricing of items there to help you better know exactly what you'll be spending.

From the announcement:

There have recently been some changes on the Ramshackle Games web store. I incorporated the postal prices into the total price to customers. This has been great for many customers outside Europe putting the final price they pay down. However, I have had to include postage prices on single figures into their final price, which makes them a lot more expansive than I want them to be. To get around this problem, I'm now offering two "Mix and Match" promotion sets. Customers can pick either 5 or 10 figure sets. They can then choose any 10 of the resin figures and get them all for £18, or 5 for £10, shipping included! I think this is a great offer and allows customers to get the figures at a very competitive price. This I hope reflects the aims of Ramshackle Games, to be able to supply fun characterful models that don't cost the earth!