New Miracle Mile Pledge Added To Pacific Rim: Extinction Kickstarter

The new Pacific Rim movie is hitting theaters. Over on the Kickstarter page, the Pacific Rim: Extinction campaign has added a ton of new stuff in honor of the movie’s release. They’ve also got a new, “All-In” pledge level called The Miracle Mile level. If you just gotta have it all and you’ve gotta have it now (or, at least, have it when it ships later), this is the level for you.

From the update:

It includes the Core Game, Saber Athena, Hakuja, a free Kickstarter Exclusive Gipsy Avenger, a free Gipsy Danger, Bracer Phoenix, Obsidian Fury, Guardian Bravo, Raijin, Cherno Alpha, Crimson Typhoon, Leatherback, Otachi, Striker Eureka AND Knifehead PLUS all applicable stretch goals, including a free Slattern once the £100,000 has been broken.

Whether you grabbed an early bird Extinction pledge level or not, all in all this package is worth over £315 individually and we’ve still got a number of Jaeger and Kaiju that will get unlocked through breaking stretch goals. The pledge level will get them all free, meaning the value will only continue to get better the more the campaign funds.

Note too that the Miracle Mile All-in pledge level is only available during the Kickstarter campaign, though all expansions and bundles will be available on the pledge manager.

Still 9 days left in the Kickstarter campaign.